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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends,

It is a pleasure for me to welcome you on the website of the Foundation for Polish-German Reconciliation.

Helping, informing, educating and cooperating. These are the four basic principles of our activity. Our website shall show and explain them. Here you can find information about our humanitarian and social programs, about our educational activities, as well as initiatives for Polish-German reconciliation. I would also like to draw your attention to historical articles, contemporary witnesses' reports and a digitalized version of the mobile exhibition "Keep Remembrance. Slave and Forced Labour of the Third Reich from Poland in 1939 to 1945" which are undoubtedly worth recommending.

A part of the website is devoted to our volunteers and voluntary service in the Foundation. I hope that in this way we can encourage even more people to participate in our voluntary aid program, especially that the voluntary service is not limited by age-boundaries.
Keeping the remembrance of Nazi-victims, spreading information about our current and future projects and programs, as well as inviting all interested companies and institutions to cooperation - these are the most important goals that we want to achieve using this website.
As the activity for reconciliation between Poland and Germany is the fundamental and most crucial element of our actions, we would like to keep you updated with the most recent projects realized in cooperation with our partners, associations and communities. Apart from that, on this website you can find information about interesting events and programmes organized by related institutions.

Our website was designed in a user-friendly way so that you can easily find important and helpful information and data sources. We hope that you will be a frequent guest both on our website and in the foundation itself.

Dariusz Pawłoś - Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for "Polish-German Reconciliation".

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